Shell Shock


The band has now been with it’s current line up for over 7 years, however, it was not that easy to find the perfect classic rock cover quartet! The band originally started out with 2 guitar playing fools (Eric & Steve) and a bunch of other players, known as “The Entire Sonora Navy” (Heck, we even had a violin player for a while!) After playing out for over 4 years, John was the first to become a permanent member of the “Navy”, then George and finally our old drummer, Brian Thompson. After a few years however, one of the guitar playing fools (Eric) moved away and left us as a four piece band. It was at this time that we all decided that it was time to retire the band name. Someone came up with the name “Shell Shock”. (Not Steven Shell, believe it or not!) After a couple of years, Brian left the band and we found Charlie Martin. It was at this point that we realized that there would be no need to find anyone else – ever. The four of us get along in a way that most of us have never seen. This is evident if you come out to see us. We are just 4 guys, making noise, having a few drinks with our friends (you all) and having fun. And, no matter how much we like to pat ourselves on the back when we play well, it is still the Crowd that makes it all so magical for each of us. Charlie Martin George Gardner Steven Shell John Amato


Shell Shock really has only a couple of goals. At the top of the list is to make sure that the Crowd has a fun night! Secondly, to try to play music the best we can, sound as authentic as possible and to play songs that everyone enjoys listening or dancing to. That’s about it. If you ever come out to see us, you will always hear Steve say, “Remember people, if it weren’t for all of you, none of this would be necessary, thank you very much for coming out!” We have the same belief now that we did back in the ‘old days’ when everyone said, “It’s the bar’s job to get them all here. It’s our job to keep them all here!” The only difference between now and then: It seems to be our job to get them to the club now…..hence, our website and shameless self promotion!